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We have built our business on commitment to service and support. Here, you will find assistance and field support for Franklin industrial water systems products, available both online and in print.

  1. Technical Sales & Spare Parts

    Our Technical Sales Managers can assist with product information, spare parts and other service needs.

  2. AIM Manual

    Use our reference guide for all of your questions concerning the Application, Installation and Maintenance of our motors, drives and controls.

  3. Franklin AID

    View our bi-monthly Application-Installation-Data newsletter for valuable product and service information.

  4. FAMS

    Locate your nearest Factory Authorised Motor Service (FAMS) Shop specializing in service, repair and warranty

  5. FAQ

    Find quick answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Franklin water systems products.

  6. Warranty / New 2207 Forms

    Warranty and Terms of Sale

  7. Pumptec Product Information

    Pumptec product information