At Franklin Electric we understand how important it is to produce reliable systems. Along with decades of experience and unique product features Franklin Electric delivers unmatched expertise and innovative results. We provide products that will serve and exceed your expectations.

  1. Product Overview pdf

    Product Overview Brochure

  2. Corporate Overview

    Franklin Electric Corporate brochure

  3. Motors, Controls & Protection

    Get more information on Franklin Electric's industry leading motors, controls and protection.

  4. Above Ground Pumps

    Franklin's above ground pumps cover a variety of applications. Learn more here.

  5. Bore Hole Pumps

    Learn more about the industry's most trusted full line of pumps by Franklin Electric.

  6. Solar Systems

    Introducing SubDrive Solar QuickPAK

  7. Constant Pressure-SubDrives

    Learn how Franklin's constant pressure products can improve your water system.

  8. Sump Pumps

  9. Drives (VFD-VSD)

    Get the latest information about our DriveE-Tech variable frequency drives.

  10. Accessories

    Take a look at our recommended Accessories

  11. Flexible Riser Hose System

  12. Water Truck Pumps

  13. Transfer Pumps

  14. Pioneer Pumps

    Pioneers Pumps has commenced in Australia as a stand alone entity from September 2013. Pioneer Pumps sells through a separate specialised network of dealers and distributors. Pionner products have been sold and supported to the Australian and New Zealand markets since 2003, Pioneer Pumps is Performance Through Innovation.