Drives (VFD-VSD)

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  • MHQP5 and MHQP9
  • VR_Series3


This line of (Variable Frequency Drives VFD) DrivE-Tech has been designed and developed to optimize, control and protect pumping systems built with different kind of pumps like vertical multistage, centrifugal and submersible.

DrivE-Tech can work in applications like domestic, water supply, irrigation, commercial, HVAC, washing and more - it is suitable to operate in most new or existing systems. Suitable for motors and systems up to 15 kW.

DrivE-Tech enclosure is entirely made of die-cast aluminum and is very sturdy, lightweight, easy to cool down and very compact in size.

Protection degree of the panel is IP55 thus it can be installed in humid and dusty places.

A display placed on top of DrivE-Tech and a buzzer in case of alarm help to operate the VFD in the most efficient and easy conditions.


  • Reduced energy consumption with remarkable cost saving
  • Longer life of pumping system
  • Greater reliability of the complete unit

Protection and Monitoring

  • overload and dry running protection
  • integrated soft start and soft stop functions, extending the life of the system and reducing peak variation
  • input current and supply voltage
  • recording running hours and login errors and alarms reported by the system
  • controlling a second or third pump at constant speed Direct On Line (DOL)
  • connecting to other DrivE-Tech to get combined operation