8-Inch STS Product

STS Series 8-Inch

The FPS 8-Inch STS Series submersible water pumps were designed specifically for varied applications including Irrigation, Municipal, Industrial, Commercial and farm use where rugged ductile iron pump is required. These pumps contain premium ductile iron discharge and suction brackets and ductile iron bowls for longer life and higher pressures. Stainless upthrust bolt provides exceptional upthrust protection for the investment casting stainless steel impellers and polished 416 stainless steel pump shaft. Designed to operate efficiently with Franklin Electric submersible motors, the FPS STS Series Ductile Iron pump is equipped to handle the most demanding conditions.

  • 52, 66, 85, 105, 141 and 190 m³/h flow ratings ex Melbourne, 42 m³/h ex USA
  • 100% Franklin factory wet tested @ 3 points on curve
  • Ductile iron discharge and suction bracket
  • Ductile iron bowls bolt together for easy service
  • Stainless steel upthrust bolt provides exceptional upthrust protection
  • Bronze discharge bearing is grease packed for maximum bearing protection
  • Fluted rubber bearings in all bowls
  • Suction inlet located above bottom bearing prevents abrasives from entering the bearing
  • Suction bracket design allows easy access to coupling
  • Bronze bracket bearing is protected with stainless steel sand collar
  • Stainless steel impellers with stainless steel taper lock secures impeller to shaft
  • Stainless steel pump shaft for increased durability
  • Shaft coupling is keyed to pump by set screws and is splined to fit motor shaft
  • All models have 6” and 8” motor fit
  • 4” and 6” discharge tapping BSPP for 8” Turbines
  • Minimum submergence above pump inlet; 3.0 metres