At Franklin Electric, we carry a large selection of submersible, industrial, and well water pumps for use in submerged and aboveground water systems. Our pumps are typically installed for use in residential clean water, residential wastewater, industrial, light commercial, agricultural, and municipal water systems. For additional information about application, choose your preferred brand from the links on the left hand side of this page.

Submersible water pumps (sometimes called “submergible pumps”) can be operated while completely submerged underwater. Mechanical seals are used to keep any water from entering the pump motor and short circuiting it. Submersible pumps have many useful applications, but the typical use is to pump water from a certain source, such as a water well, to a different desired destination.

Of course, Franklin Electric offers more than submersible well water pumps. Along with our clean water pumps, we also carry a wide variety of products for pumping sewage and industrial waste water pumps. Whether you need to draw well water from a clean source or industrial pump for tougher work, Franklin Electric carries the submersible pump or aboveground solution to accomplish your job.